Facebook and Instagram broke… did your performance break too?

It’s not uncommon for up-and-coming brands to be built with strong influencer and organic social media strategies. But if you took a hit in performance when Facebook and Instagram broke last week, it’s time to diversify your marketing mix.

When brands have strong influencer and organic social performance, that tells us a couple things. First, it tells us that the product is remarkable and likeable, which often means getting a consumer to purchase isn’t the problem. In fact, it’s probably a strength and one that lends itself to a strong ROI once you do begin to do paid media like Google ads, display ads and the like. Second, it tells us that there already is a groundswell happening for your products and now the challenge is to find new customers, which also is solved by diversifying your marketing mix to include paid media channels.

Recently, we talked about not building your castle on rented land. If Facebook and Instagram going down reinforces anything, it’s that point. A well-rounded marketing mix for any brand, but especially an emerging brand, is usually 50% paid channels, 25% owned channels (email lists, direct traffic), and 25% earned channels (PR, SEO, bloggers, influencers, organic social). If your brand isn’t quite there yet, it’s time to double-down on paid media, SEO, and building your email lists. We’re only going to see social performance drop more over time as Facebook continues to optimize its algorithm for paid exposure.

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