Do I Need to Do Digital Marketing If I Sell Primarily Through Retailers, Amazon and Marketplaces? (Part 1)

Yes.  Why?

  1. You’re only going to grow going forward.  New products which means new product launches, new markets, new retailers.  You need to own a relationship with your end-customer directly so you’re not at the mercy of your resellers to do proper marketing for you.

  2. Manage your reputation, push competitors down the search page, dominate the “shelf space”

  3. Activate your consumer to take action.  And get the benefit of the hidden gems in owning customer relationships - and it’s very likely your competitor isn’t thinking of these.

Fueling Future Growth

You need to own some aspect of a customer relationship in order to fuel your future growth in today’s DTC landscape.  It’s more than fine to sell primarily through retailers, Amazon and marketplaces, but when you do so, you don’t own a relationship with your end-consumers directly.  They do. This means you don’t have a built-in audience with which you can launch future products, future product extensions, new regions and retailers, and new brands even, if those are in your future growth plans.

Using Digital Marketing To Drive Retail Sell-Through

Do you want to be at the mercy of Amazon, retailers and marketplaces to do you justice with your next big launch?  We certainly don’t allow our clients to and you shouldn’t either.  

In part 2, we’ll discuss a key element of your digital marketing mix to help you build customer relationships you own directly. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, enter your info below to receive our FREE guide of 17+ actionable promotions you can implement to increase your brand’s revenue and profit margins (no discounts needed!).

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