SEO Audits: Why You Need One


Why perform a seo audit?

"I want to rank number one on Google for (fill in the blank)." 

Sound familiar? Most businesses not only want to rank highly in search results, but they also need to. 88% of purchases start with research online, so ranking well in search results on keywords relevant to your business is critical for generating sales - both online and offline.  Customers need to be able to find you quickly and easily across any device, or else they'll move on to your competition.


how a SEO audit will help you

A SEO Audit uncovers what keywords you should be ranking for, what technical issues on your site that are hindering Google's ability to rank you well, and what content you might be missing to capitalize on searches relevant to your business. This work scopes out new opportunities and provides insightful solutions that will grow your organic search traffic long-term.


what you can expect

There are a lot of tools out there to help with SEO Audits and you can even perform one yourself if you have the time, interest, and expertise! Business owners, CEOs and marketing executives come to us for SEO Audits for one of four reasons:

  1. They trust us to bring a fresh set of experienced eyes to their business.
  2. They have eCommerce websites that require a deep understanding of SEO and can't afford to make mistakes with their organic search revenue. 
  3. They want to keep their teams focused on their daily business goals, instead of derailing them with learning a new skill set. 
  4. They are redesigning or moving their site to a new platform entirely and do not want to lose valuable rankings they've earned over the years.

After we crawl and analyze your site, we deliver prioritized recommendations and solutions that will help you improve traffic from organic search. We'll address site architecture, keyword maps, technical issues, content and landing page recommendations, and mobile considerations. We will also look at video SEO opportunities, if applicable.  Finally, we will deliver recommendations for site speed improvements, which are increasingly becoming a priority for Google and their algorithms.  We review our findings with your team (including designers, developers, content producers, etc) then work with you to implement our recommendations on your site and monitor performance post-integration. 


when to perform an seo audit

MAKA recommends performing SEO Audits on an annual basis if you're maintaining a sound SEO program. Consider it an annual check up. That said, there are a few critical times where an SEO Audit is a "must":

  • Before Launching a Brand New Site 
  • Before a Major Site Redesign or Platform Update
  • After Noticing Traffic Drops From Organic Search
  • When Google Releases Major Algorithm Updates
  • Before Launching an eCommerce Store
  • In Tandem With Planning a Content Strategy
  • eCommerce Sites:  Months in Advance of Black Friday and the Holiday Season