4 Digital Marketing Predictions in 2018 for Small Businesses


The world of digital marketing is ever-changing, and we here at MAKA Digital are always learning. 

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Prediction #1:  Customer Modeling

Customer modeling will drive significant results.  Facebook has become one of the most effective advertising channels thanks to the amount of data it has on its users.  One of its lesser-talked-about, but incredibly powerful, features is Lookalike audiences.  Facebook’s algorithm for building Lookalike audiences sifts through its data on an input audience (called a seed audience) to find patterns between the seed audience and the overall Facebook user base.


Prediction #2:  Email Marketing

Email marketing isn't going anywhere.  Build that list now.  Every year the digital marketing industry comes out with headlines saying that this is the year email marketing dies.  The truth is, the numbers don’t lie.  We see that well-built email marketing programs add an incremental 10-15% of direct revenue.  And this is consistently, year after year, without declines.  And this doesn’t account for the indirect revenue - for example, the revenue from people who read your emails on their smartphone but end up buying at a different time, a different channel and/or from a different device.  Build that email list now.


Prediction #3:  Mobile first.

Mobile was huge in 2017, which really comes as no surprise.  Everything from your business website to email campaigns should be formatted for mobile in 2018 - and if in doubt, optimize for mobile before desktop. Most people are viewing websites, reading email, and browsing social media on their mobile devices. You must go to where your viewers are.  Your business will increase engagement and conversion by being mobile-first.


Prediction #4:  Content Marketing will attract and engage prospects.

Content marketing is nothing new, but is evolving.  Small business owners will need to evolve from simple blogging to providing your audience with immense value for free.  Consumers want to be educated – they want answers to their burning questions.  eBooks, info-graphics, guides, and video will all need to take center stage for small business owners to stay in front of prospects.


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