training, your way

Corporate Trainings

We work with companies that are investing in their eCommerce and digital programs, but need some hands on guidance and education to take their strategies to the next level. These intensive training programs dig into best practices, and focuses on consumer engagement across the omnichannel landscape. We dissect multi channel challenges, customer lifecycle touch points and how to work across PR, Brand, eCommerce and Agency teams to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Team Collaboration

Bring us in house! All of our years of working in house means that we understand the uniqueness of running all of our channels yourself. It can be a wonderful thing, and it can also be a big challenge. We work with internal teams to determine how to make the most of their digital efforts, how to optimize their existing channels and how to grow into new digital strategies. We offer hands on, intensive and personalized attention to teams who are hiring new employees, working with a new agency, or taking digital in house and need some guidance.

  • Internal team training on SEO, Content, Demandware, PPC, Affiliates and Retargeting
  • Guidance on how to build a digital team, who to hire, where to invest and how to run a lean and mean team
  • Consensus building, executive presentations and stake holder education